Merino Wool Fairy - Material

Merino Wool Fairy - Material

Would you like to make a Merino Wool Fairy and do not know what material to order?

So here you can find all the best material to make a Merino Wool Fairy about 25 cm high:

NOTE: The most appropriate wool to make Fairies look cuddly and lightweight, is the "WOOLEN FLOOR - IN BAND".

To learn something, we must repeat the process as often as necessary until we achieve a result!

Because of this situation, we made a new list (more profitable) with enough material to try on at least 5 Fairies in Merino Wool:

NOTE: When the practice in this technique of felting is little or no, it is frequent the felting needles depart !! Not because they are thin and brittle, but because of improper handling. So it's always nice to have a few extra needles on hand!

If you like more traditional hair colors, you can always add to this list a Pack of Merino Brown (Ref.: PKB 3C6N-06)

If you do not know How to Make a Merino Wool Fairy, we also have a solution !!!

Our box workshop "Kit How to Make Enchanted Fairies" (Ref.: KCB 001) has everything you need (merino wool, tools and detailed instructions) to learn everything and at your own pace!

And if you still need help or some clarification, get in touch. contact.

We are at your disposal for whatever it takes! ;)

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