M EU - BEIGE 100X100

M EU - BEIGE 100X100

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100X100 cm - Bulky, Soft and Versatile. 

European Merino Carded Wool (Batts)

  • Bulky - fibra com estrutura
  • Soft - tem uma textura agradável ao toque
  • Versatile - é adequada para quase todo o tipo de trabalhos

Indicated Techniques:

  • Needle Felting (Dry Felt) - Needles
  • Wet Felting (Wet Felt) - Water & Soap

Other Techniques:

  • Spinning
  • Painting


  • 3D - Sculptures, Dolls, Animals
  • 2D - Paintings, Portraits
  • Waldorf Inspiration - Dolls, Fairies, Angels, Gnomes, Food
  • Decorative - Rugs, Cups, Vases, Bases, Blankets, Panels
  • Clothing & Accessories - Coats, Suitcases, Vests
  • Footwear - Shoes, Boots, slippers
  • Handicrafts - Doll Hair, Filling


  • 100% Organic Wool
  • Produced in the EU
  • Modern Colors
  • mixed fibers


  • None

It is manufactured in accordance to Oeko-Tex®-Standard 100 quality and safety standards.
It aims at a more sustainable and environmentally friendly production, contributing to the reduction of the ecological footprint.


Wool colours may slightly vary between one lot and another. We will ensure that your orders are completed with materials from the same lot. Depending on your device’s monitor settings, colours can vary... so we recommend buying one of our Wool Packs so that you can check the colours before proceeding with the final order.

Weight: 100X100 cm
Wool: Merino
Fiber Thickness: 24 - 27 microns
Fiber Length: 57 - 60 mm
Length: variable
Width: Variable
Origen: Europa
Dyed: Oeko-Tex®-Standard 100

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