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Tudo Feltro ® Material for Hand Made Felt and Hand Knitting
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"Needle felting has been an amazing discovery for me! Since I started practicing the technique about 3 years ago, I have been creating amazing and unique pieces. I like to use felting to make dolls and animal sculptures, which are very cute and fun. In addition, felting also helps me to relax and concentrate, being a real therapy for my mind and body."

Maria Fernanda

04 Mar 2023

"I didn't have much experience shopping online, but decided to try to buy some felting materials from the Tudofeltro online store. I was impressed with the quality of the materials, as well as the friendliness and professionalism of the customer service. The delivery was very fast and the products came well packed. I am very happy with my first online shopping experience at tudofeltro and will definitely buy again."

Sara Semedo

15 Sep 2022

"I was interested in starting felting, but didn't know what materials to buy. I called Tudofeltro and was surprised with the friendliness and professionalism. The person who answered my call explained everything in detail and told me the best materials to start with. I was very satisfied with the quality of the products and the fast delivery. I recommend tudofeltro to everyone who wants to start in felting with excellence."

Helena Garcia

08 May 2022

"I started felting about 2 years ago and it was love at first needle! I have always enjoyed crafts, but felting was a technique that won me over because of its simplicity and at the same time its versatility. With felting I can create decorative pieces, fashion accessories, and even dolls and sculptures. In addition, it is an activity that brings me a lot of peace and tranquility, helping me to relieve the stress of everyday life."

Ana Paula

11 Jun 2021

"I have always enjoyed crafts, but had never tried needle felting. When I learned about the technique, I was delighted with the possibility of creating unique and personalized pieces. Nowadays I use felting to create fashion accessories such as handbags and wallets, which are highly praised by my customers. In addition, felting also helps me to relax and connect with my creativity."

João Carlos:

23 Feb 2020

"I was very pleased with my purchase at Tudo Feltro. The material I received was of high quality and the delivery was very fast. In addition, I had help and many valuable tips for my first felting experience. I recommend it!"

Mariana Souza

23 Jan 2019
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