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Tudo Feltro ® Material for Hand Made Felt and Hand Knitting
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Master the Art of Felting with Magic Wool®: A Comprehensive Guide to Needle Felting Technique

Welcome to the world of the art of felting with Magic Wool®. Felting is a fascinating craft techniqu..

How to make a cookie, for Christmas decoration, with Needle Felting

DIY - "Super Kawaii Gingerbread Cookie  In this simple Needle Felting project, we will recre..

How to make a cloak, for your nativity scene or other character, with Needle Felting

"DIY - Manto ou Capote em lã penteada para presépio ou outras personagens"  Neste projeto si..


  O Dia da Mãe está a chegar e encontrar algo especial para lhe oferecer, nem sempre é taref..

How to Needle Felt | Basic Shapes - The Ball (part 1)

    Como Feltrar com Agulhas na feltragem tridimensional?  Para iniciares um..

What is needle felting?

What is needle felting? In a very a very brief and simple definition of needle felting we can say..

Needle felting, everything you need to know to start felting | The Ultimate Felting Guide Complete with Tips

What is needle felting and its applications. In a very brief and simple definition of what needle..

Rodolfo - How to make Santa's Reindeer with the technique of needle felting on Magic Wool?

DIY - "Rudolph - Super Kawaii" ONLINE LESSON In this simple needle felting project, we will recre..

How to make a Cactus in Magic Wool?

O interesse pela feltragem artesanal tem vindo a crescer nestes últimos tempos e a vontade de criar ..

The Ultimate Guide to Felting Needles

Triangular Felting Needles - Barbs on 3 sides 32 Gauge - 36 Gauge -  38 Gauge -  ..

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