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Tudo Feltro ® Material for Hand Made Felt and Hand Knitting
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Wool Inspirations

With this same merino wool used on felting, you can do other types of handicrafts.
For example, you can use it for Spinning, Hand Knitting (Giant or XXL), Macramé with thick wool, Tapestries, Pompoms, Dolls hair, etc...

The imagination is the limit! And you, what will you going to create?

Needle felting in summer: What can be created?

  If you've been reading my blog for a while, you may have noticed that I have a preference ..

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  OOOh, yeh!!! É possível sim senhor e aqui está a prova. Fizemos um cravo super simples e m..

Pompoms, who doesn't like it ?!

    Simples e fáceis de fazer, os pompons em Lã Mágica ® são ótimos elementos decora..

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